Saturday, November 7, 2009

Minnetonka arrives

An example of a Trader Joe's storefrontImage via Wikipedia

Trader Joe's opened today.

Already it's bustling with the well-dressed and well-tressed, all of whom seem to have cool glasses, to boot.

What am I doing there? Is Trader Joe's fair to farmers?

I saw Earthbound Farms broccoli, Michigan apples, Fayge yogurt.

Nothing local.

Have to check with El Dragon at FairFoodFight.

Baquettes are from local New French Bakery
Honeycrisp apples from Washington State

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Susan Berkson said...

Well, it doesn't look like they're fair on seafood.

Susan Berkson said...

Another link:

Susan Berkson said...

Here's a link to some issues (non-GMO sourcing, etc.) from Trader Joe's website:

Susan Berkson said...

From Wedge Natural Foods Coop Facebook Page:

As for your price concerns about local food, look at the Wedge model for buying local produce. We pay a fair price to our local growers, a price that's negotiated *with* them every season, so they can stay in business. I can guarantee you that Trader Joe's doesn't do the same.

If price is your chief concern, then, of course, you have to shop according to your budget. But our relationship with our growers is literally what differentiates the co-ops from the big groceries like TJ. We can't go cheap without screwing our farmer-friends, and we don't do that. Our hope is that customers join us and share our mission of investing in our local food system.