Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Minnesota Get Together

That's what PR people call the Minnesota State Fair. And every possible angle has been worked by every media person in town, me included

For media outlets like Minnesota Public Radio, KARE11-TV, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Twin Cities Public Television, I've created all kinds of pieces with all kinds of funny and the occasional dab of serious.

But I'd never done a live broadcast from the Fair. 'Til now.

Last Saturday, we broadcast the Fresh&Local Radio Show live from the AM950 booth at the Fair, and it was fun, cold fingers and all. I was jazzed at the idea of having a live audience, although at 8am, the few fairgoers on the grounds were searching for breakfast. (We'll get'em next week with baked goods.) We had lively, well-informed guests: Mary McGuire Lerman from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, who was a fount of information on late season gardening; Tom Forti of Hibbing's Sunrise Pasta; and, LizMcMann, an expert canner. They had such useful information, and that's what people want, online, in print, on the radio, through whatever channel it comes.

We're doing it again next Saturday, September 5, and our lineup should be equally useful and entertaining. ana Sofia Joanes, the director of FRESH, the movie. Tracy Singleton of Birchwood Cafe. Hmong grower Shur Yang of Morning Fresh Farms. And,finally, Lee Zukor of with the most useful information of all: how to eat Fresh & Local at the Fair.

So before you set off on your State Fair foodapalooza, join us 8am Saturday for some old-fashioned radio at the Great Minnesota Get Together. You'll find us across from the EcoExperience at the corner of Cooper and Randall.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You don't know unless you try

That's what we tell our kids.

So despite my fear of peppers - there was a traumatic pepper incident on my first trip to Texas - I tried a recipe for Salt and Peppers.
I worship Rainbow Chinese Chef Tammy Wong, who created it. Writer Katie Cannon, who tried it, said it was simple and ridiculously good.

At the Minneapolis Farmers Market, I shopped carefully for immature jalapenos. At home, I donned latex gloves gloves before touching those peppers. As instructed, I cut off the top inch to minimize heat and proceeded to stir fry, salt and plate.

Hesitant but forthright, I took a bit. A hooeee! Mouth on fire! Too hot for me.

I tried. And now I have a steaming pile for the compost bin.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Power to the People's Market

For Farmer's Market
in Minneapolis

We won! The Minneapolis Farmers Market is the 2009 Parents Pick for Best Farmers Market in Minneapolis St. Paul. We love our community and we are pleased as punch that they embrace us.

We're not an upscale boutique or a manufactured market. We are the real deal, since we began as a haymarket in 1876. We are owned and run by farmers, who bring the best of the country to the heart of the city. We believe in fresh food for all. We're crowded and noisy. The amenities are few. Nonexistent, in fact. But nowhere will you find more growers with more beautiful produce. And our community; the Minneapolis of all ages, sizes, colors and cultures who crowd the market each weekend; who share so generously with Second Harvest Heartland every Sunday; you are the heart of the market. You give it its real flavor.

And we thank you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Unemployables

New on Bravo: The Unemployables

It's the underside of the new economy. The real life stories of the men and women that no amount of job searching can place. Bravo's The Unemployables offers a fascinating window into the competitive, pressure-filled environment of the unemployed competing for their shot at the very few jobs available. The series features seventeen aspiring unemployed people who compete for their shot at full employment and the chance to earn the prestigious title of "Employed." Tonight meet Susan, an over-50 woman coming out of not one, but two dying industries: radio and newspapers. Will she ever find rewarding, full-time employment with benefits again? Should she move to Canada? Watch what happens when Bravo's team of career experts give Susan a brutal re-evaluation and a new career makeover.

Are you Unemployable? We're looking for compelling stories of the long-term unemployed. Send us your stories.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Say no, white!

In Defense of the Minneapolis Farmers Market

In Defense of the Minneapolis Farmers Market

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great big yum

Bitter melonImage via Wikipedia

No snark today. Just amazing food from Tammy Wong, owner/chef of Rainbow Chinese.

It was love at first bite when a co-worker took me to Rainbow Chinese 20 years ago. The asparagus chicken and dry-sauteed string beans were out-of-this-world. Over the years, I'd return, periodically, but once marriage, motherhood and the suburbs took hold, my visits were few.

So meeting Tammy at the Minneapolis Farmers Market felt like meeting an old flame; and handling audience questions while she cooks is a privilege. I get to watch and learn. What is bitter melon. Hubbard squash. Gai lan. Who grows the most beautiful eggplant. What to do with Chinese broccoli.

And when the cooking is done...........the eating is heavenly. Today when I bit into Tammy's eggplant with tamarind sauce, I fell in love, all over again.

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