Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Neither shallow nor deep

Logo of The New York Times.Image via WikipediaWhile I did reserve The Shallows, the much-touted book about what the internet is doing to our brains, I did not read it.

I have, however, experienced it.

Sunday, just for the old-fashioned heck of it, I shelled out $6 for a New York Times.  What a pleasure to spread out in bed with it.  Lounge on the couch with it. Read it on the treadmill.  Section after section, reading all day and into Monday, when my beloved New Yorker arrived.   It's the last magazine to which I subscribe, and I've been reading it less and less.

But so quickly had I returned to the reading-on-paper habit, that I sat down and read The New Yorker.

This morning I dialed up (!) the New York Times and ordered Sunday home delivery, then proceeded to sit down and begin reading Julie Salomon's Wendy Wasserstein biography, "Wendy and The Lost Boys."

Aren't I literary!

Not really.  This is Standard Operating Procedure for the pre-internet me, 

And I like it.
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