Friday, November 20, 2009

I can cook, too

Tammy Wong would be proud of me.

Over the summer, Chef Wong of Minneapolis' Rainbow Chinese Restaurant did several cooking demonstrations at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. I helped; not as her sous chef. I just held the microphone and fielded questions, a good use of my skills.

Just as there are famous cooks, I am a famous non-cook. Which hasn't stopped me from the occasional experiment. Tonight I decided on a beef stir-fry using whatever was in the house. This left me with carrots, butternut squash and leftover peas. I did my best to julienne the carrots, then tried to get the peel off the squash. (Bill Roehl was wrong. Everyone does not know how to peel squash.)

It was messy, but bloodless. Into the pan went the veggies, the beef, and finally a soy and oyster sauce blend, thanks to a bottle Chef Wong sent home with me.

"Mom, where did this come from?" my astonished son asked, "It's good."

I don't know. Heaven?

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