Monday, April 14, 2014

Season's Tweetings

'Twas soon to be #Christmas
And tweeters were tweeting
Like @NicoleDeB
Plus @AlbertMaruggi
@keithprivette @rickmahn
@sborsch @mitchellhislop
And @arikhanson
@MegCanada tweets @MrChristopherL
@bstemmler keeps filming
@stremcha rings a bell
@chrisnulty and @philson
@leeodden @gregswan
@quick13 @bradwellman
The tweets just go on:
@mnheadhunter @ThreeDeep
And @desaraeV
And @amysbryant and @davidtc
@timbursch @donmball
Tweet @myklroventine
Who RT's @Kayloire 
And @audiencemachine
This tweeting could go on
'Til 2010
So unhand your handhelds
And #MacBooks and then
Eat #bacon and celebrate all that you can

'Til #SMBMSP happens again.