Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Minnesota Get Together

That's what PR people call the Minnesota State Fair. And every possible angle has been worked by every media person in town, me included

For media outlets like Minnesota Public Radio, KARE11-TV, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Twin Cities Public Television, I've created all kinds of pieces with all kinds of funny and the occasional dab of serious.

But I'd never done a live broadcast from the Fair. 'Til now.

Last Saturday, we broadcast the Fresh&Local Radio Show live from the AM950 booth at the Fair, and it was fun, cold fingers and all. I was jazzed at the idea of having a live audience, although at 8am, the few fairgoers on the grounds were searching for breakfast. (We'll get'em next week with baked goods.) We had lively, well-informed guests: Mary McGuire Lerman from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, who was a fount of information on late season gardening; Tom Forti of Hibbing's Sunrise Pasta; and, LizMcMann, an expert canner. They had such useful information, and that's what people want, online, in print, on the radio, through whatever channel it comes.

We're doing it again next Saturday, September 5, and our lineup should be equally useful and entertaining. ana Sofia Joanes, the director of FRESH, the movie. Tracy Singleton of Birchwood Cafe. Hmong grower Shur Yang of Morning Fresh Farms. And,finally, Lee Zukor of with the most useful information of all: how to eat Fresh & Local at the Fair.

So before you set off on your State Fair foodapalooza, join us 8am Saturday for some old-fashioned radio at the Great Minnesota Get Together. You'll find us across from the EcoExperience at the corner of Cooper and Randall.

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