Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great big yum

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No snark today. Just amazing food from Tammy Wong, owner/chef of Rainbow Chinese.

It was love at first bite when a co-worker took me to Rainbow Chinese 20 years ago. The asparagus chicken and dry-sauteed string beans were out-of-this-world. Over the years, I'd return, periodically, but once marriage, motherhood and the suburbs took hold, my visits were few.

So meeting Tammy at the Minneapolis Farmers Market felt like meeting an old flame; and handling audience questions while she cooks is a privilege. I get to watch and learn. What is bitter melon. Hubbard squash. Gai lan. Who grows the most beautiful eggplant. What to do with Chinese broccoli.

And when the cooking is done...........the eating is heavenly. Today when I bit into Tammy's eggplant with tamarind sauce, I fell in love, all over again.

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