Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Old Job Market

I'm at Career Conference with a different crowd. A crowd that looks like me.
Not the young, hip social media crowd. A mature, loose jawed, somewhat weary-looking over-50 crowd.

The keynote speaker was 63-year-old comedian, Susan Vass. Her material was not new, but the crowd loved her.

Now a panel of "Success Stories".
Barb Olson, who is now happy at the University of St. Thomas, told herself during her year of searching and rejection, "It just wasn't the best job for me."

Carol Curse was a VP at Target. She was there for a decade, before re-evaluating and setting up her own OD consultancy.

Jeff Smith says he was "on the beach for four months" after being laid off from Carlson, and is now at UHC. "Persistence" is what he counsels others.

Todd Schoolman was a Sr HR Generalist for the Tennant Companies and is now in HR for a division of Hallmark. "It just took time and persistence." His advice: "Enjoy the process."

All four of them did find work. Good work. Not desperation jobs. And none of them are young.

Final comments on the search:
Carol: Appreciate your inner circle
Jeff: Read Laurie Bowers blog, "Laid Off Laurie"
Barb: Find balance in 3 areas: job search, family, community
Todd: Try to enjoy it.

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