Monday, November 15, 2010

Pick your poison

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Fairview/UofM vs Tria/Park Nicollet.
Back in July, I had an idiotic fall that smashed my wrist.
Treament and surgery were done at Tria, an orthopedic clinic affiliated with Park Nicollet.  The surgeon was good, the day surgery team a marvel of efficiency, and the hand therapists hard-working and resourceful.  They tried every therapeutic trick and torture device to fix the wrist, but four months later, it is painful and almost immobile.   Each department was good at its single mission-but too narrowly focused.  "When do you see the doctor?" my hand therapist would ask, shaking her head at my lack of progress.
I sought a second opinion at Fairview/UofM, a teaching facility, where a Professor of Orthopedics quickly diagnosed the problem:  two tears in the soft tissue.  Loved the way the diagnostic team worked there.  But systemically, what a mess.  Bad followup.  Calls are not returned.  Appoinsments scheduled in the wrong department.  Just plain sloppy, systemically.
So, what to do?  I need a working right hand.  
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vivian said...
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hapi said...

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Mr. Pierce said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist injury. I can sympathize. My orthopaedic surgeon told me up front that I would be left with a "permanent partial disability" following my wrist injury in an automobile accident. I had the good fortune to stumble across an Osteopath who was able to reduce the pain I felt and increase my range of movement tremendously.

The Dead Feminist Society said...

Susan - You should have told me! I fell in December of 09 and broke BOTH wrists! I had surgery immediately - titanium plates in both hands - and was knitting in two weeks! No "disability" whatsoever. I would have sent you to Summit Orthopedics where they do the latest and the greatest. I was only in a cast for seven days!! It might not be too late to get better help. Contact Summit. They're on Smith Avenue in St. Paul