Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in the MacSaddle again

Ze cast? She is off.
Seventeen days ago, I tripped and fell, hard; skinning lip, nose, knees, and breaking nose and wrist.
Fourteen days ago, I had surgery on the wrist, which I gather was really broken.

I didn't track the details; not day of fall, day or surgery, or at today's post-op appointment, as I've gotten "vagelly", as one nurse described it.  (Which makes me feel weak, stupid, and worried about an old-lady-falling-down future.)  (I think about how much one injury affected me and marvel at people who recover from multiple insults.)
The good news is the big cast is off and I am typing with two hands.  For someone as attached as I am to keyboarding, my inability to type was harder than my inability to tie, zip, slice, or drive.
So onward, to tai chi and other balance/coordination enhancements.

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