Thursday, May 6, 2010

Now they tell us

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In 1998, I wrote:
Kids & Pesticides = 700% more leukemia

We can't print this,
" said my editor at the Star Tribune, "There are jobs at stake in the lawn care industry."

There were lives at stake.
How many have been hurt in the last 12 years? How many lost? The article ran in CityPages. And the pesticides went on.
Pesticides are just one of tens of thousands of toxic chemicals doing us harm. Poisoning us.
Tomorrow the President's Cancer Panel ("The Mount Everest of medical mainstream" releases a report singing that same tune.
Who will listen? Will anything change?
Of course, industry and their mouthpieces like the American Council on Science and Health will throw everything they've got at this.
But the evidence is in.
Babies are polluted in the womb.

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