Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not snarky

Woodlands Tea Party on 2nov09Image by bsryan via Flickr

Scarey. Read this:
Appleseed - Why Should I Come?
I get the appeal of shooting a rifle. My kid shoots clay pigeons.
But these folks want to "save America".
To be with "real Americans".
To "defend their liberties" and "take back their country."
From whom?
We live in a nation of laws; not a single law, the second amendment.
That in itself is an "amendment"; an addition to a body of laws, and is only one of many amendments. You don't get to worship at the altar of your favorite law, forsaking all others. You don't get to "reload" and "take out" those you don't agree with, Sarah Palin.
This is democracy where the majority rules. The majority elected this government, Michelle Bachman. Legally. According to the constitution you claim to love so dearly.
I may loathe what you say and do. But I don't shoot you. Any of you.
You threaten those with whom you disagree. And you kill them; flying planes into IRS offices, bombing reproductive health centers, murdering physicians.
There is a word for that, and it's not liberty.
It's terrorism.

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