Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's helping Haiti?

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Last night, I told my teenager that I'd made a contribution to help earthquake relief in Haiti. I asked him if he'd like to send some of his allowance.
"Haiti is another country. When Hurricane Katrina hit, did other countries help us?" he asked.
"Yes", I told him, "Including Cuba."
Which then got me wondering about what nations have -- and have not -- responded to the Haiti earthquake. Not every country is able, but many are. So, to date, who has responded?According to the AP, these nations have responded :
Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, China, European Union, United Nations, Sweden, Venezuela, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Taiwan, Israel, South Korea.
This list is not complete, but it leaves me wondering: Where are the Arab countries? The Islamic nations?
If anyone has heard of a response, please let me know.

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