Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three month anniversary

Three months ago, adrift in a sea of new media, I began blogging. Struggling to keep my head above water, I stumbled upon (not in the 2.0 sense) Phil Wilson's list of 20 things journalists should know now or learn very, very soon on his aptly named website, RemainComm.  (Good advice when you feel overwhelmed.) The list became my roadmap.    Blog?  Check.  Embed pix and videos?  Check.  Domain name?  Check.  RSS reader?  Check.  Advanced searches, wikis, blog conversations, Facebook, LinkedIn, recording audio, finding experts, keeping personal info safe online, securing laptop, limiting access for kid, All done.   Being honest and real online?  Trying hard.  Shooting video?  Not done.  I don't even have a camcorder...although my little camera shoots video, doesn't it.  Better try that next.

Onward.  In the meantime, mazel tov to me on my three month anniversary.     

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