Saturday, March 7, 2009


U R not.

I M here at the unsummit.  Does this raise what Joseph Reuter calls my "social capital" score? 

What is your social capital score?  How do you tally it?  Facebook friends?  Google searches?  Number of networks?  

Steve Borsch says the new paradigm is about making associations.  That's what I do. 

Reuter says its getting the right brain people to talk to the left brain people. To take the big idea and implement it. 

But, says me, part of the best creative process is knowing how to use the tools-knowing what the tools are, how to use them.   So the best brain is the one who is left brain/right brain balanced.  Which is not to say that the world would not run with the idea, because they would.  But the best brain factors that wild card in.  

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Susan Berkson said...

I M at the unsummit. R U?