Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cover Up NYTimes' Maureen Dowd

CHICAGO - FEBRUARY 11:  Michelle Obama, the wi...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Should Michelle cover up? asks Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.

In a burqua? What are we, Iran?

It's bad enough that so much media attention has been devoted to Michelle Obama's appearance (toned arms, sleeveless dresses). But now Maureen Dowd, the only woman with a regular OpEd column in the newspaper of record, devotes her Sunday platform to an analysis of these arms and their meaning. How absurd that she would even ask about whether Obama should "cover" her arms. Oh, for the days of Anna Quindlen, who went directly to the heart of matters with humor and heart. Mind you, women have the right to be shallow; in fact, I've always thought the triumph of mediocre women was a measure of success. But when a Sunday columnist in the New York Times asks if a woman should "cover up," something is very wrong.
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Mo MoDo said...

Dowd is pointing out how silly all this obsessing over her clothes is. Don't shoot the messenger.

Susan Berkson said...

Point taken. I just re-read the column (not an easy task) and finally got to MoDo's point. Good for you for following her so closely, she-who-must-be-followed-individually. You have seen, I trust, NYTpicker? But MoDo must have her own blogger, so I will subscribe and leave the vivisection to you.