Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare AbridgedImage by mommy peace via FlickrTo paraphrase Shakespeare, that is the question. Would he have twittered? Would #WillonAvon have sent off sparks all day? What would this have done to his work?

@WillonAvon What light through yonder window breaks?
@WillonAvon Working on new play: Romeo and help! need name
@KitMarlowe Ethel
@DarkLady Pearl
@EssexEarl Elizabeth
@Touchstone Phoebe lol!
@Pyramus Thisbe
@Antonio Maria
Liking Ethel. Also Nancy, Margaret, Isabella, Porsche, see my list at
Ale with #KitMarlowe, #DarkLady, #EssexEarl
@WillonAvon Twitter. Rhymes with litter, glitter, flitter, titter, bitter. Ah, well, off to sleep perchance to... drool

Could have happened.

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1 comment:

Phil Wilson said...

Ha! I love it. I used Mr. Shakespeare as a reference in this post last year.

Great minds...OK, minds...think alike!