Saturday, January 31, 2009

My twitter, myself

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What are you doing right now? Reading JumpTheSnark.

Is that a read-worthy twitter? To me, yes. To people who care what you read, yes. Beyond, that, no.

Who do I follow on twitter? People who are on top of subjects I care about, like Chris Brogan and Phil Wilson, who are teaching me about social media. David Brauer covers Twin Cities media. If I found a New York theater insider twittering about Broadway, I'd follow. If my friend Rosalie Maggio, who writes on writing, twittered, I'd follow.

People who break news, offer insight....or make me laugh. Which no one is doing right now.

Why not use twitter to make people laugh? Thats why I tweeted "WWJT?". "Blue slugbug."
It's not just funny-it's food for thought about the form. It's my twitter party and I'll tweet what I want to.

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janelle said...

You must've missed my recent funny Tweet (at least I thought it was pretty funny). I checked out a book at the library on memory improvement. Opened it and realized I had forgotten that I already read it.

C'mon. LOL!

Anonymom said...
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Anonymom said...

I did miss it.

And I just posted that every time I see a Beetle, I want to wtitter (yes, that's what I wrote, wtitter):