Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Am Your Clem

You know "Clem", that silver-haired gent who is TPT's spokesperson for converting to HDTV?

I am your "Clem" for new media; a person of a certain age knowledgeable about making the switch.

Although Clem has it easy.  If  this switch were as easy as buying a box, Circuit City would still be in business.  But it can be done.  It is possible.  I am the living proof.  Not only do I know the meaning of url, tinyurl, blog, twitter, tweet, widget, gadget, RSS, application, embed and html, but I can use them in conversation.  I have a website, bookmarks on Delicious, and profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, WorkStir, eMurse, Hot Gigs and, they're all linked.  I twitter, I tweet, I blog.

Not with the best of them.  The best of them are way ahead of me.  But I am learning.

And you can, too.

To start, I used a list put together by one of the best of them, Phil Wilson, titled,  Know Now or Very Very Soon  It's been my roadmap for conversation to new media.  And now, thanks to this very post, I have embedded my first link.    A hearty virtual whoopee for me!


Stephen said...

Right-on Susan
This is a very exciting world
Well done for taking the bull by the hammer and tongs - :o)

I clicking on "Local Hero" in my favourite movies - What a great story hey?

I am also new to this world - but learning fast - I can't do everything on that list of 20. But I am getting there. I learnt the "backup" lesson by hard experience.

Cheers hey

Susan Berkson said...

I learned the backup lesson the hard way, too!