Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reynaud's Phenomenon

Some phenomenon. Reynaud's is a vasopastic (say what?) syndrome that ....oy, just read the links. Suffice it to say, fingers and toes flash freeze.
Twenty years ago, during my first winter in Minnesota, my freezing made me weep as I drove the icy streets. What was going on? I'm not talking about cold. I'm talking frostbitten white, almost instantly.
Once the doc gave it a name (Reynaud's), all I cold think was who was this Reynaud's person and why must they share this michigass.

Over the years, I've done layers and electric socks, and Mycoal grabbers, and every other suggestion of humankind, but this is way beyond thinsulate. Once cold, my fingers go into a sink of warm water (when available); into my armpit, when no sink is at hand, and if I've just gotten home, my whole body goes into a hot tub until all 20 digits thaw.

Yesterday when I got to the Y, I went directly into the sauna, fully dressed 'til feeling returned; anything to get those digits back. Otherwise you can lose'em. So if you see a weeping woman with her hands in the sink or fully dressed in the YMCA sauna, it's the phenomenon known as Reyanud's.

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