Sunday, August 23, 2009

You don't know unless you try

That's what we tell our kids.

So despite my fear of peppers - there was a traumatic pepper incident on my first trip to Texas - I tried a recipe for Salt and Peppers.
I worship Rainbow Chinese Chef Tammy Wong, who created it. Writer Katie Cannon, who tried it, said it was simple and ridiculously good.

At the Minneapolis Farmers Market, I shopped carefully for immature jalapenos. At home, I donned latex gloves gloves before touching those peppers. As instructed, I cut off the top inch to minimize heat and proceeded to stir fry, salt and plate.

Hesitant but forthright, I took a bit. A hooeee! Mouth on fire! Too hot for me.

I tried. And now I have a steaming pile for the compost bin.

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