Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Unemployables

New on Bravo: The Unemployables

It's the underside of the new economy. The real life stories of the men and women that no amount of job searching can place. Bravo's The Unemployables offers a fascinating window into the competitive, pressure-filled environment of the unemployed competing for their shot at the very few jobs available. The series features seventeen aspiring unemployed people who compete for their shot at full employment and the chance to earn the prestigious title of "Employed." Tonight meet Susan, an over-50 woman coming out of not one, but two dying industries: radio and newspapers. Will she ever find rewarding, full-time employment with benefits again? Should she move to Canada? Watch what happens when Bravo's team of career experts give Susan a brutal re-evaluation and a new career makeover.

Are you Unemployable? We're looking for compelling stories of the long-term unemployed. Send us your stories.

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