Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tales from the trenches, part 2

ALDIImage via Wikipedia

Since my son announced he would not eat out until after swine flu had passed, I decided to go to the discount grocery, Aldi's, and stock up. Couldn't hurt, right? And what if things got worse and we were quarantined?

When I arrived at Aldi's, about 30 people were waiting for the doors to open. I assumed they were there on the same mission: to stock up on supplies before hunkering down.

Nope. It was Aldi's $5.99 special on hanging baskets that brought them in.

Good sign.

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Sonja said...

People thought I was crazy stocking up on masks, rubber gloves and anti-diuretics when the bird flu was all the buzz. Who's laughing (coughing) now? I stopped short of a water purifier and home protection.

Susan Berkson said...

Truth: I did load up on non-perishable staples; beans, rice, powdered milk, toilet paper.