Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebranding the Weather

Money quote from MinnPost's David Bruaer's media column: 
"weather is something we've rebranded"  
according to Kiki Rosatti of Minneapolis' CBS TV affiliate, WCCO.  

You can "rebrand" weather. 
So from now on, when we're shivering, it will be WCCOld.
Above 80, it'll be WCC hot
Wind chill will now be known as WCC chill
And when the mercury drops so low, there's a wind chill advisory, the meteorologist will twitter, "It's W C C C C Cold!"

Got more?  
How should WCCO brand tornados, snowstorms  (WCCOstorms?) , freezing drizzle, 
pre-C C- ip - O-tation,  the dew point, thunderstorms, watches, advisories?  
Do chime in.  It's a fabulous branding opportunity.

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