Friday, February 20, 2009

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Step away from the laptop.
Stop now. Ninety minutes ago, I sat down to check email and I'm still here. I also checked the RSS feeds in my Google Reader where a handful of the 102 new items drew me further afield. One post from Mashable had a whole batch of applications for delicious which I had to try, which moved me on to pasting html code for new widgets into my blog. Now I have a tag cloud and a blog linkroll. (What is that; sushi or a dessert?) So many toys; new toys every day; and, here I am blogging. These things don't pay the bills. There's an empty whiteboard waiting for me and until I pick up the dry erase marker and get about it, they'll be hell to pay.

Two hours since I sat down to check email. Stop. Step away from the laptop.
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