Thursday, March 18, 2010

More is less

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I'm a long-time subscriber to More magazine, which tells me it is "for women of style & substance"

So why is Dana Delany on the cover, shirt unbuttoned, bra showing, kneeling on what looks to be a bed?
That's style and substance?
It's bad enough that every issue tells me to reinvent myself. Apparently I'm not ok as I am.
But everyone in every issue is now indistinguishable from everyone in every other women's magazine.
More is supposed to be for women over 40. Who are 50, even. Or -- dare I say it -- 60.
In fact, the More website says they celebrate women over 40. So why do they all look 30? Smooth brows. Unwrinkled cheeks. Botox, restylane, whatever it takes not to look 40. That's what's celebrated in these pages

I'm not renewing, my face or my subscription.
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