Friday, September 25, 2009

Gone to soldiers

Michael has reported for duty.

As he galumphed down the stairs in his BDU and combat boots, I thought, "No one in his family would recognize him."

He sprung from the most feminist, artistic mother; the most mild-mannered passive father; from a long line of urban Jewish intellectuals. Yet there he is in buzzcut and camo.

Due to his enormous size, he looks 18 and scary, 'tho he's 13 and not.

He's not going to war, thank god, just Civil Air Patrol Search-and-Rescue Training.

And if he did go to war, I'd have to "suck and up deal", as he instructed me today when nixing my attempt to take pictures.

If this is his calling, so be it.

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Unknown said...

Thank you. My dad was in the air force. It wasn't until I was in college that I learned what disdain some civilians had for the military. I didn't know until even later that some people thought that the only reason someone would join the military was because he was just too stupid to do anything else. Your son does not sound like anybody's fool. You are raising a man. :)